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Vendetta - A Mafia Romance

Vendetta - A Mafia Romance




What can you give to a man who brings you back from the depths of hell, who raises you from your own damnation? And what could the head of a ruthless mafia family want with you in the first place?



They tried to destroy her. They thought they could defile her, cut her, obliterate her beauty. And for a while she let them win. But I knew what was inside her. I knew she was stronger than that, fiercer than that. And I’m going to bring that out, I’m going to reincarnate her and turn her into what she was born to be.

My woman. My queen.


By the time I’m done I will make this entire city crawl on their knees before her.




They attacked me. They destroyed me. Brutalised me because I rejected them. For a while I became nothing. I was nothing. And then he looked at me. He saw me. The man everyone else fears. He says he will kill for me but what he doesn’t realise is that I will kill for him too.


He owns this entire city and rules it like a king. And everyone knows a strong king needs a strong Queen...

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