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The Twisted Love Duet


- Second chance love

- Stalker / Prey vibes

- I hate everyone but you

- Betray me and I'll kill you

- ALOT of angst, secrets, and betrayal -if you want to rip your heart out then this duet is *exactly* what you're after!

A dark, modern, Romeo & Juliet retelling

The BlackWater Series

Discover a world of intrigue, betrayal and love with this sexy spy series centred around a fearless, ambitious Maddie Cooper. Caught up in a plot that threatens national security, can Maddie solve the crime while not falling for her domineering boss who's just as much of an arsehole as he is deliciously distracting.....


Sexy Standalones

Looking for a one book wonder? Why not check out these standalone and oh so steamy reads. Guaranteed to give you both a great plot as well as some deliciously naughty bits!!

Dark Fantasy Romance

Orphan girl Alice gets more than she bargains for when she inherits a stately home from a estranged relative and she's somehow transported to an entirely different world. One where everyone thinks she is a Fae! Follow her journey of discovery, learning to navigate this world of magic, mystery and the oh so dashing High Prince Fain...


Coming this Summer!

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