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This is a signed special edition paperback copy with fully black pages.




★★★★★ "Utterly devastating and beautiful at the same time." - Reader Review



Six years ago he left me. Just walked away. Like I meant nothing. And now he’s back, only this time he’s set on revenge and my death is exactly how he gets it.


A dark, sexy, modern Romeo and Juliet retelling.





Exiled. For six long years. But my father is dead now and I’m head of the Montague Family. I’m not going to stay hiding in the shadows any longer. No, I’m going to get my revenge starting with her; Rose Capulet. The love of my life. By the time I’m finished she, and everyone in this city will understand the monster I’ve become. The monster they made of me. I’m going to take this city. I’m going to take everything they love and leave them with nothing but the ashes.


"While the original premise is Romeo and Juliet, the author has definitely made this her own. Gritty, horrifying, sad, humorous, vengeful, so many emotions that turn this into a truly unique take on a classic that you won’t want to miss!"




Six years ago he ruined my life only Roman Montague is back. And that old bitter rivalry has all but escalated to open war. He thinks he can simply pick up where we left off, that I’ll just spread my legs for him. But I’m not the same girl I was. I’m not that naïve lovesick fool anymore. No, this girl has teeth now. And by god will I make him pay for what he’s done to me.


Dual Pov duet. Angst af.


This is a dark retelling so please check the triggers. This duet is not for the faint hearted. Perfect for fans of H.D Carlton, Shantel Tessier. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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