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Coercion - An Age Gap Mafia Romance

Coercion - An Age Gap Mafia Romance


Five years ago my uncle murdered my family, butchered them in their beds. And I know the only reason I’m alive is because I’m useful, a thing to barter. A thing to sell.

Well, today he’ll get his payday. He’s made a deal, he’s handing me over as a blushing bride to Preston Civello.

I’m meant to be the rubber stamp of a truce between our two warring families but in secret I’m there to bring my new husband down, to bring Nico Morelli down from the inside. To act as a spy.

Only I have an entirely different plan - I’m going to seduce him, to win him to my side. I’ll play the good little wife and I’ll serve him on my knees if I have to, all the while pretending that my past never happened.

But when all my horrible secrets are revealed, will my husband believe me or will he see me as just a traitor in his bed?


I know her past. I know her history. I’m convinced she’s going to be a snake sleeping in my bed but when my Mafia Princess Bride is all but dragged down the aisle and I clap eyes on her tear-stained face, none of that seems to matter. My cold, ruthless heart melts and something feral takes over.

She might have been a pawn in her uncle’s games but from now on she belongs to me. She’s mine.

Only that’s not exactly true because of the promise Nico forced me to make- she doesn’t know it but she’s his god daughter, and I’m not allowed to touch her. Not allowed to claim her. He’s made her off limits, a fruit I’m forbidden from tasting and, as each day passes, it’s getting harder and harder to resist my tempting little wife. And tempting she is. Dangerously so.

And when all the players come out of the woodwork, I’m forced to face a truth I never thought possible, that maybe she’s not as loyal as she first seemed. Maybe she really is the snake I first took her for...

Things to know about Coercion:

Mafia with a healthy does of spice
Age Gap
Jealous / possessive hero
Strong female with a traumatic backstory
Dual POV
Trigger warning list in front of book

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