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A Place of Smoke & Shadows

A Place of Smoke & Shadows

In this world I am not a person, just an object to own, a weapon to wield…


A dark, fae story like you’ve never read before.

When orphan girl, Alice, inherits a huge stately home from a distant relative she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. But her dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she’s transported into another world where everyone thinks she is a mythical Fae.


In a world where all Fae belong to the High King Alice must learn how to make herself seen as more than a weapon to be used and a possession to be owned...”

When someone makes a move to steal her magic, Alice unwittingly becomes a prize no one can resist. Can she learn to survive in this new world? Can she trust those around her to keep her safe? And when an enemy becomes a lover, is it because he sees her as a person, or are there more nefarious motives at play?



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