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A Place of Rage & Ruin

A Place of Rage & Ruin

In this world I am not a person, just an object to own, a weapon to wield…


A dark, fae story like you’ve never read before.

Alice and High Prince Fain slowly start to rebuild their relationship as she struggles to come to terms with everything King Yannis put her through during the months he held her captive.

But as Alice’s powers continue to grow, they reveal more about her bloodline than she would like and when someone makes a move against the free Fae, Alice must face up to her royal status and race to defend them.

With the High King Uther suddenly incapacitated, an old adversary returns, and a plot quickly unfolds that leaves all fingers pointing to High Prince Fain as the would be assassin.

Can Alice protect the Fae?


Can she save the High King’s life?

And more importantly, is she able to prove Prince Fain’s innocence and save him before it’s too late?

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