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Uprising - A Twisted Love Story

Uprising - A Twisted Love Story






Dead. That’s what I am. What Verona believes. But now I have nothing to live for. Nothing else to lose.


A dark, sexy, modern Romeo and Juliet retelling.


Darius has all but erased me. He’s destroyed my house, stolen my sister and forced her to marry Otto to ensure they get my millions. And worse, far worse, he has his grubby hands on my Rose, and my daughter too. But what he doesn’t realise is he’s put the nail in his own coffin. I will have my vengeance this time, I will save my family, even if I have to destroy this entire city to do it.





Dead. He’s dead. Murdered.


And now I’m stuck, playing the sunshine princess once more, only this time I have to endure far worse than Paris’s disgusting treatment. And I will. I will endure everything they send my way. I will do whatever it takes to protect my daughter, the last part of Roman that I have left.


But what they’re starting to learn is that this princess isn’t just enduring. Oh no. I’m changing too. I’m twisting, evolving, becoming like the very monsters around me and very soon I will rise up and make them pay for every insult, every hurt, every bit of abuse we suffer.


Dual POV Duet. Angst AF.

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